Prof. K. Neels 

Antwerp University, Belgium



Prof. M. Das

Statistics Netherlands, The Netherlands



Prof. Ø. Kravdal


University of Oslo, Norway

Øystein Kravdal has been professor of demography at the Department of Economics, University of Oslo, since 1994. He is also one of the PIs at the Centre for Fertility and Health at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Kravdal has been particularly interested in the associations between education, income, fertility, and partnership, as well as the importance of these factors for mortality and health. Most of his research has been based on Norwegian register data, but he has also used survey data from Africa and India. He has been first or single author of papers in, for example, Demography, Population Studies, Population and Development Review, American Sociological Review, Social Science & Medicine, and American Journal of Epidemiology. He has much experience with event history analysis, including more advanced multilevel-multiprocess versions, and has often used various fixed effects designs. He was one of the editors of Population Studies from 2004-2013 and has been on the Editorial Board for European Journal of Population since 2001. 


Prof. C.A. Larsen

Aalborg University Denmark



Dr. K. Haandrikman

Stockholm University, Sweden

Karen Haandrikman is senior lecturer in human geography at Stockholm University. She has a background in demography and human geography, with a PhD from the University of Groningen from 2010. Her research is about migration, segregation, integration and entrepreneurship among immigrant women. She has led several large research projects, most importantly an Urban Europe-funded project on the comparison of socioeconomic and ethnic segregation in five European countries. Ongoing projects are about geographical polarization, the life courses of migrants in Sweden, and childhood social context and its importance for intergenerational social mobility. Methods include mixed methods but are mostly quantitative, based on using register data and especially geocoded individual data. At Stockholm University, Haandrikman is programme director for the Master in Human Geography, she teaches methods courses and modules on migration and population geography at different levels, and she supervises PhD and master students.


Dr. N. Finney

University of St. Andrews, United Kingdom