MYMOVE project

Although many immigrant children are more likely to move within the country of settlement than native born youth, little is known on the potential effects of this so called internal mobility. When does childhood internal mobility have negative consequences on an individual’s life? Are there differences in processes and consequences for those of immigrant and non-immigrant background? Do the number of moves or the reason for moving make a difference? Is the age at which moving takes place decisive and is distance relevant? Despite the fact that moving is a major stress-inducing life event, so far little is known on the potential consequences of childhood internal mobility for people of diverse immigrant origins. Given Europe’s diverse population and immigration being the key factor in population change, it is crucial to understand if, how and for whom childhood internal mobility matters. The main objective of the Migrant youth mobility in Europe: patterns, processes and consequences (MYMOVE) project is to advance knowledge on the relationship between childhood internal mobility and adult life chances as defined by demographic family life choices, health and well-being for those with and without immigrant background.